About Us

I CARE. My name is Ruth del Fresno-Guillem. I have been around art since I have memory, as an artist, creative mind, historian of art and later in my 30s as an art conservator. All these made me conscious that Art Conservation is much more than a treatment or the world of institutions, very important too, but not the only definition of CONTEMPORARY ART CONSERVATION. I care, and I think caring is the key to change the point of view in the field. I believe in the artist's voice -any artist's voice- as the way to understand conservation. I want to raise awareness. Because Art Conservation starts -for me- at the very moment, we connect and talk about it. It doesn't matter if you are an artist, an institution, a museum studies student or a municipality looking for an artwork to make your city beautiful. Everything and more can be done from the idea of respect and awareness and of course, from the notion of care and love. By the way, my name is Ruth del Fresno-Guillem. In 2017 I earned a Ph.D. in contemporary art conservation, using the interview with emerging artists. I love what I do. I am persistent and continuous, patient and curious. I will take care of your arts, be sure about it.

Ruth del Fresno conducting a second interview with Coco Guzmán , May 13th 2019 in Toronto.

Our Vision


We are a consultancy and education company on art preservation for Towns, Institutions and Art Communities. We work directly with young and emerging artists, being a reference for academics on awareness. We are willing to provide knowledge. We document the artist's intent on conservation, working directly with them through interviews that can be documentation/archives for the art institutions and art collectors — reference on awareness and respect to artists and art. 

Our vision is to be the "family conservator" for small and medium art collectors as towns and private collectors — conservator consultants for artists and art professionals.

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Our Mission

We build care through knowledge. Raising awareness on art preservation from the artist and art professionals to the collectors or art owners, activating and celebrating the importance of education: Conservation Ideas Worth Spreading (paraphrasing TED talks motto). Cultivate and Educate through respect to the arts and heritage, documenting the intent of the artist, talking to everybody about what preservation means, what "deterioration" means, and then applying the knowledge.
You don't care about something you don't know. We will make you care through knowing and raising awareness for art preservation everywhere.